19th Annual Suzanne Llewellyn COEH Student Project Award

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The Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH) invites applications from graduate students and medical residents wishing to conduct a multidisciplinary research project in occupational or environmental health. Teaching, service, community intervention, and policy projects will also be considered. The purpose is to encourage students to work in teams with students from other disciplines in order to better address real world problems.

Competition is open to currently registered graduate students or medical residents (“students”). One of the students’ faculty advisors must be affiliated with COEH. See the COEH web site at coeh.berkeley.edu for profiles of COEH faculty and programs. A minimum of two students and two disciplines is required, and highest priority will be given to projects involving more than one campus (COEH programs are located at Berkeley, Davis, and San Francisco). Students are expected to meet with their faculty advisors on a regular basis to obtain input and keep them informed of their progress. Faculty advisors are expected to actively mentor the project and approve the final report.

Award Amount & Project Time Period
Projects will be funded up to $5,000 for both the summer and the academic year. See the right side table for project due dates.

For More Information
Request for Proposals (PDF)
The Suzanne Llewellyn Webpage

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