LOHP Crowdfunding for YWLA


The Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) is raising funds for the Young Worker Leadership Academy (YWLA). Only 21 days left to raise funds! Give generously.

Your contribution will make a difference with YWLA which reaches teams of teens all from communities all over California. The teens attend a 3-day academy and then take what they learned back to their communities where they implement team projects. It is an opportunity for teens to learn how to speak up. An opportunity for teens, many from underserved communities, to learn how they can make an impact.

Learn more and donate at: the YWLA Crowdfunding page

The LOHP is a community service program of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. LOHP works with unions, labor/management groups, community organizations, worker centers, small businesses, schools, academia, government agencies, and the general public.

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