Support COEH! Berkeley BIG GIVE 11.16-17.2016


November 16, 2016, 9 PM to November 17, 2016, 9 PM
(24 hours)

Dear Alumni, Friends, and Supporters of COEH,

COEH has a 30 year history of research into the current issues that affect worker and community health. To meet the needs of workers and communities, COEH trains professionals in Industrial Hygiene, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology, Ergonomics, Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Agricultural Safety and Health. Our mission is to train occupational and environmental health professionals, conduct research to prevent occupational and environmental injury and illness, and to protect workers and communities by providing health care and education services to communities, especially those most vulnerable.

COEH students are involved in many different research projects on issues affecting worker health and environmental health. For example, this year a student in the Agricultural Safety and Health Program at UC Davis is conducting a cross-sectional study among agricultural workers in California’s Central Valley, to help to find optimal and feasible garments to wear when working under extreme heat conditions. A nursing student at UCSF completed the national Occupational Health Internship Program and participated in the first-ever study of hazards facing Latino immigrant workers employed in the shipyards of Southeastern Louisiana.

As you know, COEH receives funding from NIOSH to help students to complete these important projects, but there is a need for more support. We ask that you help us to support current COEH students to help with their research, to provide supplies and help with travel costs to conferences where they can share their results.

Our Big Give Goal is to reach $25,000. We ask for your help to get there! To give to COEH, go to  https://give.berkeley.edu/COEH.

Thank you for your support,
John Balmes, MD
Director, COEH


(click the yellow heart to give big to COEH)

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