2017 COEH-CE Webinar Series – Health and Employment: Macro Context and Micro Initiatives


Wednesday, May 3, 2017 
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time)

What are employment and workforce trends regarding Americans with disabilities? What is the newest thinking about how to build worker sustainability in response to these trends?

This *FREE* webinar presentation will provide you with the latest information. The presentation makes it clear that allowing workplace practices and disability policies to continue will prove to be deleterious to the American economy. To counter these trends, organizations can establish new workplace and management practices that slow or reverse these trends by putting in place environmental and organizational changes that enhance and grow worker capabilities, thus ending the cycle of worker depletion and replacement.

On completion of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • To describe current employment and workforce trends regarding disabled persons.
  • To know and understand why current employment and workplace practices create unsustainable workforces.
  • To identify factors that can be built into the physical and psychological work environment that will have positive effects on worker health, productivity, well-being and ultimately workforce sustainability.

For complete information and registration, visit http://www.coehce.org.

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