Nguyen Awarded UC Smoke – and Tobacco – Free Fellowship

Congratulations to UC Berkeley, School of Public Health undergraduate and COEH Professor S. Katharine Hammond’s student scholar,  Patton Nguyen, for being selected as a recipient of the University of California Smoke – and Tobacco – Free Fellowship Program!

Patton Nguyen

“I’m interested in researching cannabis to understand potential harmful exposures from smoking indoors. Cannabis may smell pleasant compared to traditional tobacco, but the research of what’s behind the smell and beyond is not well understood. Cannabis is illegal to smoke outdoors and people are forced to smoke in their homes around children and nonsmokers. The belief that cannabis smoke is not as harmful as it may truly be needs to be addressed. I am passionate about this topic because of my experience around peers who feel comfortable around cannabis smoke. However in many of my classes and current research projects with CHAPS, I see parallels between cannabis, tobacco, and environmental pollutants that pose serious harm and adverse health effects. 

I will be doing a research project evaluating harmful exposures from cannabis secondhand smoke. My research will fill gaps in the current literature and understandings of cannabis exposures. As a UC-STF Fellow I hope to use what I find and advocate against cannabis use on the Cal campus while informing the greater public of potential harm from cannabis secondhand smoke.” 

Read the official UC press release https://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/news/uc-appoints-new-class-smoke-and-tobacco-free-student-fellows.

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