Launch of Collaborative Clean Air Policy Centre


The Collaborative Clean Air Policy Centre (CCAPC) explores, evaluates, and compares policy options for dealing with India’s health-damaging air pollution problems.

CCAPC provides a platform for institutions concerned with air pollution to work together to solve problems and recommend policy and works to develop capacity to address the policy implications of air pollution in the country.

The institutions forming CCAPC have a long history of research and publication in broad domains, including household and ambient air pollution, air quality forecasting, energy use and transitions, and environmental health.

The Kirk R. Smith research group is the University of California, Berkeley representative for CCAPC. The Smith research group addresses the relationships among environmental quality, health, resource use, development, and policy in developing countries, with a focus on the health effects of air pollution exposure in developing countries, particularly in women and children from household air pollution due to solid fuel use.

Learn more about this exciting new venture at: https://ccapc.org.in.

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