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Educating Students for the Real World of Occupational and Environmental Health

COEH generates knowledge, translates research to practice, provides outreach and since 1978 has trained 100s of up-to-date professionals and leaders who can go out into the California workforce and make a difference.

COEH is a consortium of the following programs at UC Berkeley, UCSF and UC Davis.

The UC Davis COEH provides graduate education in occupational and environmental epidemiology, occupational medicine, toxicology, agricultural engineering/ergonomics, clinical occupational health services for the public (Medical Surveillance), and research in occupational and environmental health.  At its inception, the COEH made a commitment to deliver university services directly to the public.  This is accomplished through a labor and community education program, a continuing professional education program and clinical services.

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The Occupational Environmental Medicine Residency is an accredited program toward American Board of Occupational and Environmental Medicine primary board certification. The residency includes master’s degree-level training in public health at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. The residency is part of a larger multidisciplinary training program, including extensive interactions with students in occupational and environmental health nursing, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics.

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Program Directors: Paul Blanc, MD, MPH and Robert Harrison, MD, MPH.


The Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Program is a specialty pathway in the MS or PhD programs in the School of Nursing on the San Francisco campus. In addition to coursework in occupational health, master’s students elect preparation either as adult primary care nurse practitioners or as occupational health specialists. Doctoral students are prepared to assume academic or other leadership roles in the field.

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Program Director: Oisaeng Hong, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAAOHN


The Industrial Hygiene (IH) Program at UC Berkeley educates industrial hygiene practitioners (M.S. and M.P.H. students) and researchers (Ph.D. students).

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Program Director:  S. Katharine Hammond PhD, CIH


Global Health and Environment Program offers MPH program and MS program

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The Ergonomics Graduate Training Program provides high quality training for students interested in a MS and PhD degree in ergonomics.  The Program’s laboratory is located at UC Berkeley’s Richmond Field Station, a research station administered by the College of Engineering.

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Program Director:  Carisa Harris-Adamson, PhD, CPE, PT


The Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) is a community service program of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. LOHP works with unions, labor/management groups, community organizations, worker centers, small businesses, schools, academia, government agencies, and the general public.

LOHP has a national reputation for delivering innovative participatory training programs and for the development of educational materials appropriate for diverse populations. LOHP also conducts participatory research, consults on the development of workplace standards and policies, and plays an integral role in the academic mission of the university by facilitating interaction and learning among researchers, students, and the community.

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Program Director: Laura Stock, MPH


The Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH) Continuing Education (CE) Program at the University of California Berkeley is committed to providing professional education to physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals who serve the occupational medical needs of workers and employers as well as promote environmental health in the communities where they live and work.

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Graduate education and research on ergonomic hazards in agriculture at UC Davis.

Visit the Western Center for Agricultural Health’s website.

Program Director: Fadi Fathallah

Master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral training with an emphasis on occupational and environmental epidemiology at UC Berkeley.

Visit the Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Program’s website.

Program Director: Ellen Eisen, SCD