Introduction to Cognitive Ergonomics and Human Factors (ERG130)

Instructor: Dan Nathan Roberts, PhD, CPE

March 4 – April 26, 2019 (Online)

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This course deals with fundamentals of cognitive engineering and user-centered design. It is designed to introduce students to different disciplinary approaches and respective interpretations of what it means to do user-centered and learner-centered design. Students will receive an introduction into the psychological make-up of individuals, and insight on cognitive and socio-cognitive theories of how people differently perceive and interact with the world and others, as well as an introduction to principles of how people learn. The field of Human Factors and Cognitive Ergonomics is interdisciplinary, with applications wherever humans interact with equipment in a system context. Examples will be drawn from manufacturing, medicine, aerospace, ground transportation, and computer interaction.

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Course Learning Outcomes:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of the role and scope of cognitve ergonomics in the planning, evaluation, and effectiveness of systems.
  • To learn the implications and consequences of good/poor HF/E applications as related to productivity, safety, wellness, and satisfaction
  • To become familiar with and how to apply various experimental and experiential strategies for building an understanding of cognitive ergonomics principles and applications.
  • To be able to apply cognitive ergonomics methods such as information processing perception, perception, displays, or controls theories to improve systems
  • Calculate performance using cognitive ergonomics methods
  • Be able to articulate how cognitive ergonomics fits into the larger ergonomics field
  • Appraise the potential ethical and global impacts of the use of cognitive ergonomics

Instructor Information:

Dan Nathan Roberts, PhD, CPE


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